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    The Crew Ultimate Edition

    Key Features
    • – The entire United States is your playground
    • – Master powerful cars, agile motorcycles, monster trucks, or dragsters.
    • – Turn random on-road encounters into rivalries or challenge your friends
    • – Fly solo or join a police squad and use your special abilities to chase street racers all over the US.
    • – Modify over 120 licensed vehicles with 220+ tuning kits
      Step into the driver’s seat for the definitive online racing experience in The Crew Ultimate Edition, the supercharged, all-inclusive edition of the revolutionary action-driving game. This fully loaded version of The Crew includes: • The Crew original game. • The new The Crew Calling All Units expansion. • The Crew Wild Run expansion. • All cars from the Season Pass. In The Crew Calling All Units, the second massive expansion for The Crew, you’ll take on the role of either an elite officer of the law or a renegade street racer and then prove your driving skills as you engage in a frantic face-off across the entire US. Choose your side, stay sharp, and never slow down. Get behind the wheel. Your crew is waiting.