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    Nacon Wired Compact Controller

    Nacon have answered your prayers with their new wired compact controllers – so called because they’re a tad smaller than your standard DUALSHOCK 4. The reduced size make these controllers an ideal companion for younger gamers, or indeed anyone with smaller hands.

    The new Nacon wired compact controllers come in one of eight different colours; three transparent SKUs with blue, red or green backing LEDs, or flat orange, black, grey, red, and blue – one for every colour preference. They’re also extremely light, reducing wrist fatigue for marathon sessions in front of the box.

    Nacon’s new hardware very closely mimics the regular DS4s; they’ve got a centralised touchpad, two opposed thumbsticks, a D-pad and your standard four face buttons on the right. There’s also a tiny bit more space in between the two triggers and bumpers on each side, to give you a little more breathing room and avoid misclicks.

    The Nacon wired compact controller is a solid wallet-friendly addition to your home gaming set-up. Perfect for your Player 2, they’re nice and small and you’re guaranteed to find a finish to suit your aesthetic taste.