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    The world’s bestselling console*1 has a brand-new look

    Experience epic adventures, battle the best players online*2 and challenge

    your friends in your living room with the slimmer and lighter new PS4.



    A slimmer and lighter console with stylish new looks and packed with true PlayStation®4 power.


    Visuals are more realistic, strikingly vivid and truer to what the human eye sees in the real world.


    Fast, personal and easier to share, connect and play with friends.


    Game-changing innovations and ways to keep playing,

    like Remote Play and Share Play.


    Features 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi mode options and HDMI 2.0 output.


    Available with a choice of 500GB and 1TB consoles.


    Connect with friends on PlayStation® and PlayStation® Pro consoles, and hook up with the biggest online community of players with PlayStation®Plus*3.


    All games are fully cross-compatible with PS4&#8482 and PS4&#8482 Pro, and players compete online in the same

    multiplayer ecosystem.

    Product Dimensions (w/h/d)

    Approx. 288mm × 265mm × 39mm

    Packaging Dimensions (w/h/d)

    Approx. 426mm x 355mm x 103mm

    Works with:

    DUALSHOCK® wireless controller âˆ’ combining revolutionary features with intuitive design and precise controls, the DUALSHOCK® wireless controller defines the new generation of play. The new model features a stylish black matt finish, and shows your light bar colour from above as you play.

    PlayStation®VR – put yourself at the centre of the game and explore extraordinary worlds in a way you’ve never experienced before. For total immersion, interact with virtual environments using a PlayStation®Move motion controller or DUALSHOCK® wireless controller.

    PlayStation®Camera – integral to the PlayStation®VR experience, the camera tracks the PS VR headset, PlayStation®Move or DUALSHOCK® wireless controller to heighten your sense of presence. It also unlocks PS4 features like voice controls, facial recognition and picture-in-picture video editing and broadcasting.

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    Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB, White

    • PlayStation 4 Pro: see every detail explode into life with 4K gaming and entertainment, experience faster, smoother frame rates and powerful gaming performance, and enjoy richer, more vibrant colours with HDR technology
    • 4K gaming and entertainment – games and movies shine with 4K clarity; Graphics become sharper and more realistic, skin tones become warmer and more lifelike, while textures and environments burst into life like never before
    • High Dynamic Range – with an HDR enabled TV, compatible PS4 games display a vibrant range of colours, closer to the full spectrum that the human eye can see
    • Enhanced games – PS4 Pro games burst into life with sharp graphics, vibrant colours, textures and environments, and smoother, more stable performance; Every PS4 game is playable on PS4 Pro at a minimum of 1080p, while others get a boost to enhance their graphics to 4K; No matter what TV you play on, all PS4 games benefit from enhanced graphics and smoother, faster, more detailed action
    • 4K entertainment – Stream the biggest movies, hottest TV shows and videos in 4K resolution from Netflix, YouTube and a host of entertainment apps coming soon – all with auto-upscaling for a sharp picture quality
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    Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Console - Jet Black (PS4)

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    Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Console – Jet Black (PS4)

    1TB of storage

    The substantial hard drive lets you store several blockbuster games, plenty of apps, indie titles, recorded game footage and more.

    Blu-ray technology delivers exceptional video quality

    Watch Blu-ray and DVD video content. Blu-ray game discs have several times the capacity of DVD-based discs, so massive games fit on a single disc.

    Introducing PlayStation VR

    Redefine your gaming expectations and immerse yourself in moments so intense your intuition takes over.

    Incredible games

    The exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, ranging from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits.

    Endless entertainment

    Something new and amazing is always within your reach. Find what you’re looking for and get it at the touch of a button via various PlayStation entertainment options, such as PlayStation Vue.

    DualShock 4 wireless controller

    The evolved analog sticks and trigger buttons provide unparalleled accuracy with every move while innovative technologies offer exciting ways to experience your games and share your greatest moments.

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    Sony Sony PlayStation 4 Pro - 1TB - Black

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    Sony Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1TB – Black

    The PS4 Pro has all the features of the much-loved PlayStation 4 but is designed to make your games come to life with incredible graphics and large storage. For the hard-core gamers, this is the ultimate console for you! The new and improved specs make this one of the most powerful consoles in the market and you can be sure to enjoy a next-level gaming experience when using the PS4 Pro 1TB.
    The PS4 Pro features double the GPU of a standard PlayStation 4 resulting in the system running smoother and faster than ever. Say goodbye to the buffering symbol and hello to quicker loading rates because the PS4 Pro helps your games run seamlessly and effortlessly.
    Watch your games come to life in your living room with the advanced 4K technology that creates a crisp and clean image. The high-resolution display is perfect for those with a HD TV or 4K TV where the quests and adventures will be right in your living room with you. The PS4 Pro is an impressive upgrade to the PlayStation 4 with better graphics and quicker loading time.
    The 1TB storage means you are free of limitations and save all your favourite games on the one console. You can get more out of your games and dive into a new experience with the PS4 Pro.
    Continue this game-changing experience on the titles you already own! The PS4 Pro is compatible with PlayStation 4 games so you don’t need to worry about re-purchasing all your video games to make the most out of this enhanced technology.
    Offering incredible detail, depth and storage, the PS4 Pro is the perfect addition to any gamers collection. Simply grab your controller and watch the games come to life in a new and enhanced way.