ONIKUMA K1 RGB – Gaming Headphones

ONIKUMA K1 RGB – Gaming Headphones


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Gaming headset – USB connection – Compatible with PS4, Xbox and PC – 7.1 stereo sound – LED light

We know you want a great sound while you’re playing. But not only do you want that, you want to look like the gamer you are: a pro gamer of sublime quality. We have one of the best catalogs of gaming headphones and now we present you an incredible model, the new ONIKUMA K1 RGB 7.1, one that will allow you to look like what you are, a player of great quality, consistency and fight. A gamer like no other. Keep reading and you’ll love them!

Just one word: quality

All we can tell you is that we’re in love with Onikuma’s new headphones. And it makes sense. We’re introducing you to a model that offers incredible sound, one of those spectacular sound qualities that will allow you to enjoy your favourite games in an incredible way. Plus, these headphones have 7.1 stereo sound, one of the best you’ll find on the market, allowing you to enjoy everything you love with great bass and spectacular sound. Thanks to its adjustable headband, you will be able to use them for a long time without any problem, being able to enjoy them without any problem for hours. With their RGB LED light you will not only enjoy an incredible gamer sound, you will look like a pro gamer, you will look like a pro player in your Twitch streaming.



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